Combined Strength is a dedicated group of strength coaches, personal trainers and rehab specialists that train hard, learn openly from others and come together to deliver the best possible coaching experience to their clients.


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It’s a benchmark for the fitness industry.

My journey as a coach has seen me learn and work with some of the best trainers in the world. The key takeaway point from all of them - create the right training environment and you will excel in all that you do.

It’s why every time Combined Strength Group meets for a training weekend, workshops, or chats on the closed Facebook group – the atmosphere is positive, open, and the capacity for continually learning and applying your skills is huge.

We also have fun, socialise beyond the gym and make sure we progress in all that we do in Business, Life and Training.

The height of your career will depend on the depth of your knowledge.

It’s no mistake that our coaches have upped their game significantly during our first year: with some of them already stepping up, representing the group and speaking at fitness expos here in the UK.

The Combined Strength Method brings together elements of Core, Bodyweight and Barbell with the appropriate use of training tools. It solves the biggest problem I see in the industry – how to put it all together into an intelligent training program that gets results.

Train and move with a purpose to improve.

Andy 'IRONMAC' McKenzie
Founder of the Combined Strength Group

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