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Slovenia 2016 Day 1

Vigor Live and Move Gym, Ljubljana.

“Spending time with coaches away from their own gym brings out their character…

Stuff like this is massively important. To genuinely expose yourself to new things. Find out what your weakness is and formulate that to make it a strength."

-Andy McKenzie, Founder of Combined Strength Group


"It could have been all to easy for me to say I was too busy, or wasn’t able to get time off, but it is more than worth the effort, and the expense to get there and spend time with my group."

- Rob Clark owner of #bobsgarage gym in Edinburgh.  Read why Rob took time out to travel to Slovenia with the Combined Strength Group.


"Spending time with coaches away from their own gym brings out their character..."  -  Andy McKenzie Training Weekends & Immersions ...

Slovenia 2016 Day 2

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Slovenia 2016 Day 3

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Combined Strength Group Training Immersion, Slovenia 2016

Slovenia 2016 Day 4

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