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Slovenia 2016 Day 4

Combined Strength Group Training Immersion, Slovenia 2016

Lake Bled

"We learn because we really want to benefit our clients and have a positive impact of what we can do with our own body... I firmly believe that everybody in this group is here for the genuine right reason.

We've come here to Lake Bled because you do need to have time off. Swim, have a laugh, eat ice cream. Coaches sometimes don't have an off switch. When you pop back down a level, you just get the best ideas."

-Andy McKenzie, Founder of Combined Strength Group


"...nothing will beat hands on learning from coaches who can show you the small cues to look out for, how apply the knowledge and coach movements and skill with finite adjustments, cues and tips you will never pick up from videos."

- Alex Stott.  Alex has coached a wide range of athletes, including over 30 racing drivers from karting to Formula 1.  Read his thoughts on hopping on a plane to learn from the best in the world with the Combined Strength Group.


"Spending time with coaches away from their own gym brings out their character..."  -  Andy McKenzie Training Weekends & Immersions ...

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